My incall is equipped with a shower complete with body wash,  mouth wash a, soap and fresh, clean towels. If there are any extra things I can provide to make your experience even better, feel free to ask and I will do my best to accommodate you. I ask that you please shower when you arrive. This is protocol and I ask every single one of my clients to shower and please use the mouth wash. 


I take my time to prepare for any appointments. I am always freshly showered and ready upon your arrival and I would very much appreciate the same from you. If you are smoker I ask that you please make sure to use the mouth wash I provide and be sure to wash your hands with soap. If you can avoid having a cigarette right before our appointment that would be greatly appreciated as I get nauseous from the smell.


Personal hygiene is VERY important to me and we will have a much more intimate time together if we are both as clean as possible and ready to get dirty all over again!


*Please arrive on time. If you are running late, this may cut into our session time. I would love to spend the whole duration of our date together, so please allow for enough travel time to make that happen. If you are late our appointments still ends when scheduled as I have limited time to work with. I only wait 15minuntes for you and then I'm gone unless discussed otherwise, communication is key! 


*Please keep in mind that I do need to contact my security after each appointment, so please respect our scheduled time together.


*Most importantly, please be kind and respectful towards me. If I feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way, shape or form I reserve the right to end our date at any time with no reimbursement.


*No shows or last minute cancellations may be subject to a cancellation fee or I may decide not to see you again. Life happens and things come up I understand but please give me fair notice if you have to cancel.