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Miss Adelaide Jones - BBB's adventure with a 23 Yr Old MILF


One of the things I tend to look for with any date is some sort of connection where if I find something a SP likes, I tend to carry on doing that certain touch. With Adelaide, I found many of my touches that I tried worked extremely well. She definitely loves to be pleasured and gives it back in spades.

I booked a 90 minute date based upon the many solid reviews from reputable members here and I am glad it did. What ensued was a hot, wet, no holds barred (except the obvious Safe one) encounter that makes for a memorable date.

Looks wise – An attractive mid 20 brunette with a lovely body. She has been working out and it shows with a firmness I find very appealing. Yes, she has some body art and I have seen a number of SP’s with varying degrees of tattoos; Adelaide’s were not a distraction nor off putting for me.

The Attitude and Service – usually this is the deal breaker for me with any first date. Adelaide was fully engaged sexually with me for a full 90 minutes with a brief two minute water break. It was quite intense and looking like it might go into OT because she was determined to pull that second shot out of me. The equipment was working great  I just ended up blue balling myself on the second round. Props to Adelaide for her CG, oral skills and high energy.

Repeat? Most definitely because of the first date and she is also low volume ie catch me when you can “three days per week”.



Sweet Adelaide Jones


SAJ is open, personable, and down-to-earth. She’s a great conversation and one can tell she’s a vibrant young woman who had to grow up very fast at a young age. She comes across as genuine and honest and is unafraid to share details about her personal life. She definitely lives up to the “sweet” in her namesake. But all this changes in bed, where, to my shock and (pleasant) surprise, she turns into a bit of a sex machine. Her service is top-notch and she aims very hard to please. She is quite vocal: moans are followed by cries followed by whimpers and then back to more moans. While her responsiveness may be embellished, it’s preferable to the sound of crickets. Indeed, she works all five of your senses simultaneously, especially in mish, where there is continuous eye contact, playful touching, and DFK. She smelled of “Something Blue” by Oscar De La Renta: fresh and summery. 



my sweet Adelaide Jones ERS


 I remember very well the first session, and the feeling of being with a perfect girlfriend.Constant smiles, kisses, eye contact all the time. Greeted me in matching bra/panties/stockings and high heels (we are less formal now, no idea if she still does that).She worked real hard too and seemed to know what she was doing. There's nobody else I had such first experience with. Was difficult to believe it was for real




These are just a portion of the reviews I have. If you wish read the full reviews or post some of your own, feel free to check me out on

Reviews: Reviews can be quite helpful and are always appreciated. Although, I would prefer if you do choose to write a review about our time together, that you please keep the intimate details to a minimum. Thank you.


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